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What are the services to put in place in his company?

What are the services to put in place in his company?:One of the questions that a good number of entrepreneurs ask themselves is that of the mode of management of their company. They are inspired for the most part by the functioning of certain companies which they then take as an example to follow. However, this approach is not really the right one. The solution is to set up services based on activities. Read !

Commercial service

This service is essential for almost all businesses . He is responsible for the sale of manufactured products and their availability. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the employees of this section are qualified and trustworthy. The smooth running as well as the turnover of the company largely depend on the efficiency of this service.

The agents who work there are the closest to the customers. They could then collect crucial information such as the opinions and needs of the latter. This would be very useful to improve the quality of services .

The industrial department

It is at this level of the company that the products are made. This department then takes care of the management and processing of raw materials until the finished product is obtained. The latter must then be packaged and sent to the sales department for sale.

It is therefore imperative that the delivery times granted to this determinant are always respected. This makes it possible to guarantee the availability of stocks on the sales side .

What are the services to put in place in his company?
What are the services to put in place in his company?

The marketing department

The members of this service are mainly responsible for market analysis . This makes it possible to determine on which product to accentuate production as well as its profitability. In addition, they take care of comparative studies with your competitors to determine their techniques and solutions for the company to be the market leader.

It should also be noted that marketing plays a very big role in the success of the company. This service is responsible for establishing strategies to make it known to the public.

The financial department

It is in this department that the selling prices of each product are set. Thanks to the accountants of this team , it is possible to determine if a product is profitable. If not, they set a price that will make a profit.

On the other hand, it is in this direction that all the finances of the company are managed . The distribution of budgets, the disbursement for the purchase of raw materials and even the allocation of salary are among the tasks carried out there.

The human resources department

Having a motivated staff working in good conditions is essential for increasing the productivity of a company. The agents of the human resources department are there to make sure of this.

It should also be specified that it is in this department that new members are recruited . In addition, the members of this service are closer to the employees and therefore attentive to their various problems. It is also up to them to intervene in the event of an internal conflict between two company agents, for example.

In short, remember that any well-organized company must have a commercial, industrial, marketing, financial department and a human resources department.

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